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School History

Meaning of the School Emblem 

The red bird represents the power of life and the joy of growth. We hope that our students will, like the mythical soaring bird, study hard, become mature and strong, and rise high toward their goals.

The white background stands for the equality of education and the altruism of teaching. We hope that our teachers, just as the bright sunlight, warm our students and guide them to become shining stars. 

The black font signifies the determination and execution of our teachers, who quietly devote themselves to make sure that the students who graduate from Tong De will become confident, polite global citizens in the future.



Our school was founded in 1999. In the beginning, we expected to have 36-48 classes. However, the surrounding area has continuously been developed along with the rapidly growing population. Due to our school being in the neighborhood of the Art Exhibition Center, our scale has grown to more than 60 classes in recent years. Tong De has been constantly exploring arts and humanities since its inception. Recently, we have been developing a smart campus, digital classrooms, and an English immersion classroom, and actively promoting “trilingual” education (Chinese, English, and programming languages). Our performance in ICT has been impressive.


School Environment

Arts District

The school is located in an emerging community on the outskirts of Taoyuan City, near National Freeway 1 and National Freeway 3. Due to its convenient connections with other municipalities, many people outside the city have moved into the area. There are comparatively few original residents. Parents in our school district are on average younger, better-educated, and have more diverse ideas and values. They are also more concerned about their children’s education.

School Buildings 


Our campus are positioned like a tic-tac-toe grid, with the main public areas and administrative building in the middle, and teaching areas to the left and right. Besides teaching areas, we also have basketball courts, a track and field, and a new activity center.


Education Features

International School Cyber Fair 

International Schools Cyberfair is a global thematic webpage competition designed to foster the attitude to observe carefully and check constantly within the students to search for answers, and think independently. Through the participation in this competition, we hope our students can apply their knowledge and skills to explore ideas around them, and widen their vision toward learning and the world from online peer review of other Cyberfair participants. Our school received Silver Award in 2015. We won Platinum Award with the theme "Counseling Volunteers” and accepted the recognition from the President in 2016.

Foreign  Teachers 


Establishing a solid base to build our students’ language skills and making their learning fun are the goals of our English teaching. We employ foreign teachers in the school. Working together with the domestic teachers through team-teaching, they observe, exchange, and refine their teaching materials and methods together to enhance the teaching effectiveness. We have an English Immersion Classroom with innovative technology to provide students with the interactive and self-oriented language learning experience. We offer all-English club activities to create an immersive language-acquiring environment with game-based teaching during holidays and the time after class.


Student Activities

 Student Art Exhibitions 


Art opens the mind and fosters imagination and creativity. The Tong De Art Exhibition has been held since 2000. The exhibitors are divided into teachers and staff, students, and volunteers.  It is the city's largest exhibition, and it always includes works from non-art groups. The works selected represent the artistic and mental development of the children. Many visitors feel that the works on display here are different from what they usually see at similar art exhibitions at other schools.


Choir and Orchestra 


Our choir and orchestra have existed for more than ten years, and under the guidance of teachers, the choir and the orchestra have grown both in size and quality. Since 2008, we have participated in Taoyuan City and national music competitions bringing home many awards. We also invite musicians, orchestras and private groups to perform on our campus. Every morning, angelic music from instruments and voices drifts from the music classrooms and forms a source of joy and vitality for the young musicians and the teachers. The beauty of their music inspires the young musicians to keep moving forward.


School-based Curriculum

Reading Education


Reading underpins all learning. We teach students reading strategies as well as build the habit of self-oriented reading with a diversified curriculum of classes and activities. We have a project called Reading Heroes, whereby a class reads one book together which is assigned each month by the teacher.  Therefore 60 books will be read throughout the course of grades one through six. We also regularly hold theme-based reading exhibitions, language contests, and we join World Reading Day to approach reading from many ways and to build a campus that is fond of books.


Poetry And Newspaper Reading 


Classic poetry represents the essence of a culture, while newspaper news is an exploration of life. We promote the program, “Poetry Reading, Classics Reading, Newspapers Reading”, that students are required to read 32 Tang Dynasty poems and 32 passages from the Analects of Confucius, for which students collect stamps on a card that we designed. Our lower and middle-graders recite the poetry which is a great way to internalize this culture. We also subscribe to newspapers for the higher-graders. Teachers guide the students to make clippings and share their reflections in order to absorb more from the news and enrich their lives.